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10 Pro Tips: How to Optimize Your Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Operations

Retailers waste thousands of dollars each year because of poor warehouse management. According to a study by Intermec, outmoded and inefficient warehouse processes can amount to at least 3,000 labor hours annually, and mispicks cost businesses $390,000 per year.

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Power Listing Management with Categories

Jazva Categories

As retailers sell on more sales channels and offer a wider assortment of products, listings get extremely difficult to manage. Product content, pricing and channel-specific settings all need to be accounted for when listing on marketplaces or your own website. Fortunately, Jazva’s powerful categorization tool offers a solution for managing products and listings more efficiently.

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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Auto Parts Website

Online auto parts and accessories sales is quickly accelerating and outpacing brick and mortar. There’s an estimated 70 million searches for auto parts every month, and aftermarket ecommerce is projected to grow by 15% in 2017 and 2018, according to Hedges & Company. Nearly half of that growth will come from mobile.

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eBay Raises Fees on Top Sellers; Rakuten Trims US Business

Omnichannel Domination

eBay sellers are up in arms because of the controversy surrounding the recent price hike. Strangely enough, eBay said the revenue will go towards its marketing campaigns to attract new buyers, and they plan to provide incentives to sellers that participate in its advertising program.

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Deep Dive: Jazva’s Automated Inventory Replenishment

Inventory Replenishment

Inventory replenishment is one of the most significant and challenging tasks in any ecommerce operation. Without a proper plan and infrastructure in place, you risk overselling, and upsetting customers, losing the sale and possibly the customer and any future sales.

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Pros and Cons of Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace Pros And Cons

Last week, Amazon quietly dropped their free shipping minimum from $49 to $35 to match Walmart and Jet. This reactionary response, just three weeks after Walmart announced their membership-free 2-day free shipping model, is clearly an indication of how seriously Amazon is taking competition from the world’s largest retailer.

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How to Become a PowerSeller on eBay

eBay PowerSeller

Becoming a PowerSeller should be the goal of every seller wanting to take their eBay business to the next level. The earning potential is huge, and if you have the right strategies in place, you can easily achieve the PowerSeller status.

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Walmart and FedEx Challenge Amazon’s Core Offerings

Omnichannel Domination

Amazon is a force to be reckoned with, and Walmart is doing everything to catch up and gain market share. This week, however, FedEx, a longtime partner of Amazon, surprised us by announcing FedEx Fulfillment, an ecommerce service very similar to Amazon FBA. Read on for more industry trends and our latest insights.

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Customer Success Story: Esbenshade’s Garden Center

Esbenshade's Garden Center

Since 1960, Esbenshade’s Garden Center has been providing a great selection of plants, gardening products and accessories. Like many traditional retailers, Esbenshade’s wanted to get into digital retail, but it wasn’t that easy. They needed a system that can manage their products and inventory across multiple online sales channels.

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Should Marketplace Sellers Have a Webstore?

As a marketplace seller, you might be wondering how important it is to invest in a webstore. After all, most shoppers use Amazon for online shopping these days. So, why bother building out your brand’s online experience through a webstore?

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