Web Stores

Professional Designs - Standard or Custom

Our professionally designed web stores help you stand out from the crowd by ensuring the best experience for your customers. Modern designs and the latest technologies that offer speed, security, and reliability. Jazva’s web stores will help you differentiate your brand’s public image.

Search Engine Optimized

Our web stores are search engine optimized and incorporate the latest technology to ensure that your online stores meet the requirements of popular search engines.

Fully Integrated

Our web stores are fully integrated with Jazva's platform, providing access to Jazva's many features including inventory management, shipping, vendor management, etc. No manual updating or maintenance required. Simple and straightforward.

Related Products and Add-On Groups

Product groups allow you to upsell, match or suggest related items and add-on options in your web store. Products can be linked in Jazva to optimize your sales potential. When your customer views a linked item, Jazva will automatically suggest related items on the product’s page. Similarly, items with add-on relationships give your customers the option to create their own bundle.