New Features

Amazon Vendor Central Integration

Amazon Vendor Central Integration

Amazon vendors can now connect their Vendor Central account in Jazva through our latest electronic data interchange (EDI) integration. This feature allows you to manage orders, order acknowledgements, invoices and advance shipping notices, all within Jazva.

Order and CRM Conversations

Order and CRM Conversations

Jazva's built-in Conversations tool helps retailers efficiently manage all communications related to orders, vendors and leads by grouping emails, notes and comments around a specific order, account or opportunity. Once a message is posted, it will appear in the Conversations Inbox. Users can easily respond to emails, set up notifications, and follow conversation threads - without having to leave the Jazva platform.

Walmart Marketplace Integration

Walmart Marketplace Integration

Sellers can start managing their listings, orders, fulfillment and inventory across Walmart Marketplace. Product categories can be mapped accurately to Walmart’s categories, and products can easily be created, updated or delisted from Jazva.

Seller Fulfilled Prime Integration

Seller Fulfilled Prime Integration

Jazva is now an approved shipping integrator for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. Sellers can now process and fulfill SFP orders directly through Jazva, taking advantage of Prime branding and making their product listings eligible for Prime's two-day delivery service.

Volusion Integration

Volusion Integration

Sellers who use Volusion'€™s shopping cart solution will now be able to streamline their backend operations with Jazva. With this integration, users will be able to import products and orders from Volusion, as well as create products from Jazva and push listings to their Volusion web store.


Salsify Integration

Jazva has partnered with Salsify, a leading digital catalog management solution, to provide better streamlined product content management. This new integration will benefit retailers that require listing out detailed product information. Users will now be able to pull product content from Salsify's database and directly publish them on web stores and marketplaces.

Web Store Upgrade: Product Relationship

Web Store Upgrade: Product Relationships

Jazva's enhanced web store functionality lets you design better shopping experiences for your customers.

Products listed on Jazva web stores can now be tied to product groups. This allows you to upsell, match or suggest related items and add-on options.

Sell smarter by simply linking products and building relationships. When your customer views a linked item, Jazva will automatically suggest related items on the product's page.

Similarly, items with add-on relationships give your customers the option to create their own bundle.


Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Support

With our latest Amazon integration, you can now submit, track and cancel MCF orders, all within Jazva. No more coordinating between several systems to manage MCF.

This new feature allows you to:

  • Take advantage of Amazon's fulfillment services by selecting MCF as your external warehouse.

  • Retrieve fulfillment information and track your orders from Jazva.

  • Cancel fulfillment requests by voiding the invoice.

Cutomer Data Feeds

Data Feeds Now Available

Jazva's latest upgrade will now let users share data with their customers in new and automated ways. Our enhanced data interchange feature allows users to easily import and export data directly through email or ftp, or schedule them for automated feeds.

Data feeds include inventory data, order data, shipment and fulfillment data. Users will also be able to send custom reports to their customers automatically.

eBay Auctions

eBay Auctions Integration

Start managing your auction listings directly from Jazva! With this new integration, you can list products up for auction and sell them to the highest bidder.

Jazva makes it easy for you to create auctions directly from the system. Simply create an eBay Auctions channel in Jazva and link it to your existing eBay parent channel, then add your listing profiles. From there, you can configure the item condition, listing duration, tiers and more. Map out your categories and set your products up for auction.

UPS Trailer Support

UPS Trailer Support

Jazva is now fully integrated with UPS Customer Visibility Interface Solution (CVIS). This allows users to upload data on packages being loaded or removed from a trailer, and to notify UPS that the trailer load is complete and ready to ship.

With this integration, customers are updated with tracking info sooner. Once the order is scanned as "shipped", it will be associated automatically with the currently loaded UPS trailer and all the information will be submitted to UPS in real-time.

To take advantage of this new feature, register with UPS for the CVIS service.

Easy MultiParcel Shipments

Easy Multi-Parcel Shipments

Managing packages in a shipment just got easier! Packages can be grouped together and include a group count. If your shipping carrier supports multi-parcel shipments, grouped packages will be submitted as one shipment and the group count will appear on your shipping labels, making it easier for you and your customers to identify the number of packages within a shipment.

This will also ensure that only one international customs form is submitted per shipment. For USPS international shipments, each parcel will have it's own breakdown of contents and the total value of the parcel.


Shopify POS Enhancements

Jazva offers a separate channel dedicated to Shopify POS orders. Automatically sync products, orders, and customers across all physical retail locations, online Shopify stores, and marketplaces, to and from Jazva. You only need to enter inventory once and as soon as it is sold via POS, all your other sales channels are updated automatically.

Shopify POS is an iPad application designed to let retailers sell their Shopify stores’ products from anywhere, such as retail stores, selling on the go at trade shows and events.


Jazva Integrates with

Have you taken advantage of Jazva's integration?

If you're already selling products on Amazon and eBay, why not list your products on Founded in 2014, is a new and growing marketplace. Think of it as another channel where you can reach more customers and grow your business.

With our integration, you can:

  • Manage more listings, including multiple listing profiles, custom templates, and multi-variation products.
  • Sync inventory between your account and your other marketplace accounts based on rules you set, so you never undersell or oversell.
  • Centralize orders for faster fulfillment. Cancellation and refunds can all be done within Jazva.

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