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Jazva Wins the 2017 Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards

It’s been an exciting month here at Jazva. Not only did we manage to launch our newly revamped website, but we’ve also received two prestigious awards from FinancesOnline, a leading B2B software review site that has tried and tested thousands of solutions. Their experts examined how our ecommerce software stands out in the market and awarded the Jazva platform an 8 out of 10 rating, alongside the 2017 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards.

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[Infographic] Preparing for the Black Friday E-Commerce Rush

This year’s Thanksgiving weekend promises to be a huge gain for online retailers. From Black Friday until Cyber Monday, engaged shoppers will be looking for and comparing deals across multiple marketplaces, promising a huge spike in orders to be shipped or returned. Only the ready-retailers can reap the rewards of Black Friday e-commerce while providing an excellent customer […]

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How to Import Your eBay Listings to Amazon with Ease

Import eBay Listings to Amazon

For most people, eBay was their first shot at ecommerce, given the ease of buying and selling. Amazon, on the other hand, has become the largest marketplace in the U.S., attracting over 85 million customers each month. These days, however, more online sellers need to go multi-channel in order to expand their audience, and ultimately, sales. But as an already-established eBay seller, how do you go about selling on new channels, specifically on Amazon, without the burden of starting all over and manually listing everything?

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An Update on Amazon: Things You Should Know Before the Holidays

Amazon Updates

The holiday shopping season is closing in, and marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay are getting a head start by cutting prices and offering early deals. A pricing war is brewing across multiple channels, and recent studies are giving new insight on the pros and cons of Amazon as a profitable marketplace for online sellers.

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4 Essential Tips for Retailers to Win the Black Friday Shopping Weekend

Black Friday Shopping

For many online sellers, getting through the Black Friday shopping weekend can feel a little like gambling. These high-volume ecommerce days offer unique opportunities to boost revenue and acquire new customers – but risks are everywhere.

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Software Enhancements: Channel-Specific Improvements

Jazva Updates

As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve, so does our product. We continually invest in our customers and our software, making sure that integrations are up to date and run smoothly. This month, we’re excited to announce a number of updates related to a number of channels.

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Comparing ChannelAdvisor and Jazva: 3 Key Side-by-Side Differences

ChannelAdvisor Jazva

ChannelAdvisor is probably the best-known solution in online retail management. At the very least, it’s the oldest and the most expensive. Founded in 2001, ChannelAdvisor first emerged as a platform for synchronizing inventory and repricing Amazon and eBay listings. It has since added many more features – along with numerous steep fees to match.

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Why You Need to Think About Amazon Alternatives in 2018

Amazon Alternatives

In 2016, an influential tech blogger wrote, “I never buy anything labeled ‘fulfilled by Amazon’ [FBA] – I don’t trust it.” He was talking about a widely reported counterfeit issue with Amazon FBA merchandise at the time. As an Amazon seller, you might have already struggled with similar problems, such as Amazon becoming a lot more crowded and competitive, new difficulties in winning Buy Box placement and overall higher FBA expenses.

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Multi-Channel eCommerce: How Top Sellers Win the Most Holiday Shoppers

Holiday Shoppers

With the 2017 holiday shopping season primed to break records, you need to have your multichannel e-commerce strategy ready to go in advance. Without it, you’ll miss out on tons of customers and risk missing your growth and profitability targets: Up to 41 percent of yearly sales for some merchants is generated during the winter holidays, according to Pew Research. A solid holiday quarter is your best bet for a sustainable business.

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4 Ways to Boost Order Value with Multi-Channel Listing Software

Order Value

How do you get the most from each customer order? And why even bother raising order value in the first place? Unless you’re Amazon, you have to focus on elevating order value if you don’t want your shipping and infrastructure costs to eventually gobble up your margins.

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