Inventory Management Software

Managing inventory is a pain without proper automation. Jazva makes it easy to track and optimize stock levels across multiple sales channels and warehouses.

A Better Way to Manage Inventory

  Multi-Channel Inventory Control

Gain real-time visibility of your stock by syncing inventory availability across all your channels.

  Multi-Warehouse Management

Accurately track and manage inventory across your warehouses, including Amazon FBA.

  All Your Data in One Place

Gain valuable insights on stock levels and seasonality across your sales channels, categories and variation items.

Simplified Inventory & Warehouse Management

Make your job easier by streamlining and automating your entire operations.

  •    Easily manage, sync and optimize your inventory.
  •    Match inventory according to sales, kits, returns and refunds.
  •    Replenish inventory with easy purchase order and vendor management.
  •    Manage multiple warehouses, dropshippers, FBA, MCF, and other fulfillment options.

Experience Inventory Automation at Its Best

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Streamline Your Warehouse Operations

   Inventory Forecasting

Jazva’s predictive analytics engine calculates each item’s projections daily and can automatically schedule purchase orders for you.

   Easy Inventory Reordering

Create and schedule purchase orders with suggested line items, based on sales history and stock projections.

   FBA Transfer Shipments

Transfer stock to Amazon directly from Jazva and maintain optimal inventory levels across all your warehouses.

   Inbound Stock Processing

Easily receive shipments and count new stock accurately with barcodes, including carton barcodes.

   Smart Warehouse Management

Jazva automatically suggests the best bin locations for your inventory, so that you can optimize and prioritize warehouse space.

   Mobile App for Inventory Management

Our iOS app makes it easy to count, receive and ship inventory from any warehouse.

   Powerful EDI Integrations

Connect with a wide range of partners and supplier portals through automated inventory feeds.

Experience the Most Advanced Inventory Management System

There are multiple aspects that need to be considered when managing a retail business, but at the bottom of it all lies a simple truth: you are required to have the right amount of inventory in the right locations in order for supply to match the demand.

Jazva empowers you to sync your entire inventory across all of your sales channels in real time. With our automated inventory tracking system, all your listings will be perfectly aligned across Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Jet, and other channels, nullifying the possibility of overselling or running out of stock ever again.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling hundreds or thousands of products, or whether you are a distributor or a brand owner. Having an effective inventory management system is a crucial part of your business model. That’s why we developed Jazva, a software that grants you fully automated centralized control over all of your warehouses.

   Sell More, Sell Smarter

Jazva has a set of unique capabilities for tracking inventory across multiple different locations. Our inventory management solution allows you to easily set up and label aisles, shelves, and bins. And with our advanced, customizable prioritization feature, you can maximize the efficiency of your warehouse teams.

   Continuous Syncing with Jazva

Fully automated syncing allows you to avoid overselling or underselling. Our cloud-based inventory management software runs non-stop 24/7, and your entire inventory will be adjusted with each individual sale across every marketplace that your business is operating on.

   Customization to Match Your Needs

We provide rich customization features in Jazva, so you can run your retail business in a manner that is most comfortable and suitable at any given time. Scale your business, adjust and remain flexible as the ecommerce landscape reshapes.

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