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About Jazva's Automation Software

With our eBay advanced listing tool, you will be able to bring your business to a whole new level. From setting up multiple marketplace stores and all the way to returns management and shipping, you can now use a single cloud-based eBay listing management software to oversee your business operations. Also take advantage of our built-in eBay repricing tool.

About eBay Marketplace

eBay is one of the first ecommerce marketplaces, and to this day, is one of the go-to destinations for buying and selling. With its high popularity also comes high competition. In order to succeed on eBay, sellers will need to set their prices strategically and beat other listings for traffic.

Why Go With Jazva’s eBay Seller Software

No matter the volume or products you offer, with Jazva’s eBay Inventory Management Software, you can scale your ecommerce business efficiently.

Manage Variations, Kits and Bundles

Our SaaS software for eBay sellers was designed to make multi-variation listing and kitting fast and simple. Create bundles and variation listings on the marketplace in just a single upload. With Jazva’s bulk listing tool, you can assign different attributes to hundreds of your items very easily.


Keep Your Business in Sync

Our advanced eBay listing tool allows you to upload every item from your inventory and synchronize it across all of your channel listings as swift and easy as it can possibly be. Gain full visibility of your stock across multiple channels and warehouses.


Centralized, End-to-End Solution

By getting our cloud-based solution, you will save time and effort on constant IT maintenance and upkeep, giving you room to focus on marketing and sales. Jazva's SaaS platform offers powerful scalability, cost savings and flexibility of an all-in-one ecommerce solution.


Make Data Work for You

No retailer today can afford to make blind decisions. For this reason, Jazva's business intelligence tools will help you make data-driven strategies. Make use of our robust analytics and reporting tools and turn vast fields of data into your secret weapon. Track performance, history, transactions, market trends and stay on top of the game.


Jazva saved us an estimate $20K per year by reducing errors in inventory tracking and order fulfillment

Managing Orders
Creating Labels
Finding the Best Rates
Analyzing Operational Data
Managing Returns
Analyzing Operational Data
Tracking Accounting Information

Selling on eBay Was Never That Easy

Save 30% of time and money spent on these tasks and experience true business automation with Jazva’s eBay Seller software.


Jazva’s eBay Inventory Management Software Features


eBay Motors Parts Compatibility

Manage fitment data efficiently across your automotive part and accessory products.


Powerful Customization

Control the inventory on each channel and run sales in a way that suits you best.


Auctions Automation

Create and manage online auctions on eBay marketplace directly from the ecommerce software.


eBay Reporting Tools

Easily track all your product and marketplace performance from one location to make smarter, data-driven decisions.


Dynamic eBay Repricer

Automatically adjust product pricing based on marketplace competition with advanced eBay repricer.


Multiple eBay Accounts

Connect and manage multiple stores from a single platform and easily manage shadow listings.

Customer Success Story: AJP

AJP Distributors, Inc (AJDM) sells aftermarket auto performance parts and accessories such as steering wheels, lighting replacements and other fashionable parts.

Challenge. The company was using free tools to list products, but all of its back end operations, including order fulfillment and inventory management were handled manually through spreadsheets. They wanted to unify their processes into one system.

Solution. The Jazva software provided a more efficient workflow, and the company no longer has to batch print and create labels for every item beforehand. Equipped with better, more unified technology, AJDM's pick, pack and ship process has become seamless, efficient and more accurate.


More orders processed


More Listings Managed


Overall Operational Savings

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