Shopping Cart Integration Software

Easily sync inventory, pricing and orders with shopping carts and POS integrations.

Web Stores & Shopping Carts Integration

Easily sync inventory, pricing and orders with shopping carts and POS integrations.


Jazva allows you to centralize your shopping cart orders and inventory into one place, empowering you to sell beyond your site and into new sales channels.


This WordPress plugin works smoothly with Jazva, giving retailers access to listings, inventory and orders data – all in one place.


Boost the potential of Volusion’s award-winning shopping cart software with our ecommerce management platform.


Optimize your retail operations by streamlining your Magento shopping cart software with our top-rated multi-channel integration solution.


BigCommerce users can simplify their ecommerce management through automated inventory syncing, listing management, order management and more.

Maximize your web store’s potential

Whichever solution you rely on for listing management and order fulfillment, integration with Jazva can take your operations to the whole new level while at the same time saving you time and effort. By implementing our ecommerce management software, online merchants can gather their critical data, including information on fulfillment statuses, customers and their purchasing history, inventory availability – all from a single place. As a result, Jazva’s shopping cart integration enables you to automate a number of otherwise time-consuming tasks.

Benefits of Jazva’s shopping cart integrations

  • Upload new listings to your web store seamlessly and optimize them to the requirements of that specific web store channel.
  • Sync inventory on your ecommerce website and the major marketplaces, such as Jet, Amazon, Walmart, and others.
  • Manage and track orders from each of your touchpoints from a single interface.
  • Streamline fulfillment across all your warehouses and store locations.
  • Moreover, multiple marketplace, shipping and EDI integrations make our all-in-one solution great for any retailer. Running an ecommerce business has never been so easy.

With Jazva’s multi-channel automation software, what your customers see is a unified buying experience on every marketplace. And what you get is a seamlessly operating integrated marketplace, letting you focus on what’s really important for your business – selling.

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