Simplify your work with easy-to-access channels, vendors and carriers, all from a single platform.


Optimize financial planning, tax reporting and inventory management with Jazva’s accounting software integration.


Integrate your QuickBooks financial data with our multi-channel software to streamline reporting, tax procedures and planning.

Streamline your retail operation with our solution for online merchants

Using inventory management software isn’t enough to satisfy the needs of an ecommerce business. Jazva is a multi-channel platform with a built-in accounting feature that also integrates third-party accounting tools like QuickBooks, taking their capabilities to a whole new level.

Benefits of Jazva’s accounting software integrations

  • Automated synchronization of sales and purchase orders.
  • Streamlined tax reporting thanks to always having the necessary financial data at hand.
  • Ample opportunities for integrating third-party systems and tools.
  • Facilitated financial planning thanks to advanced data analytics tools.
  • Seamless inventory management which is in full accordance with your reporting.

Having inventory management, order fulfillment and tax reporting features gathered in a single ecommerce solution means the retailer doesn’t have to constantly switch between several systems and input data manually from one to another. Choosing Jazva as your ecommerce management software solution means all your critical business information is accessible through a single interface, which allows you to use the saved time and effort to grow your business.

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