Multi-Channel Order Management

Tired of juggling multiple orders from different systems? Consolidate your orders across multiple sales channels for seamless tracking and faster processing.

A Better Way to Manage Orders

  Multi-Channel Order Processing

Streamline and centralize your operations by syncing orders, returns and refunds through one unified platform.

  Multi-Tier Support

Scale your retail and wholesale business with flexible multi-tier pricing and order management capabilities.

  Order Prioritization

Batch orders in bulk and scan barcodes to get shipments out quickly and accurately.

Built for High-Volume Sellers

Make your job easier by streamlining and automating your entire operations.

  •    Track and manage orders across all your sales channels from one central location.
  •    Easily process returns, refunds and exchanges, including retail and wholesale orders.
  •    Automatically route dropship orders to your suppliers.
  •    Manage multiple warehouses, FBA, MCF, SFP, and other fulfillment options.

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Accelerate Your Fulfillment Operations

   Comprehensive Order Management

Get all the order details you need on one screen. Check balances, apply payments, or process refunds and exchanges.

   Amazon FBA & MCF Integration

Submit, track and cancel FBA and MCF orders, all within one platform.

   Batch Processing & Barcode Scanning

Batch orders in bulk and use our barcode scanning technology to get shipments out quickly and accurately.

   Inbound Stock Processing

Easily receive shipments and count new stock accurately with barcodes, including carton barcodes.

   Multi-Tier Pricing for B2B Customers

Apply coupons and discounts for wholesale customers.

   Automatic Backorder Management

Once inventory has arrived for backorders, Jazva will automatically update and move the orders to processing so that they can be shipped.

   Mobile App for Order Management

Our iOS app makes it easy to process and ship orders from any warehouse.

   Powerful EDI Integrations

Connect with a wide range of partners and supplier portals through automated order feeds.

Jazva – Simple and Fast Order Management System

We believe that managing sales orders needs to be a seamless and painless routine, which is why we’ve developed a powerful solution that will take most of the work from your shoulders.

   View and Manage Every Single Order Across All of Your Sales Channels

Jazva brings all of your orders from each marketplace that you operate on together in a single system, saving time and boosting the efficiency of your ecommerce operations, while at the same time reducing the possibility of human error.

   Sync Your Sales Orders with Accurate Inventory

No more time-consuming manual order fulfilment and tracking processes. No more disjointed data and tedious error handling. Our multi-channel order management system takes care of all that. Jazva is continuously syncing your inventory with sales orders, allowing you to simply focus on really important matters at hand.

   Quick Order Fulfillment Management

With Jazva, you save time and resources on shipping and fulfillment. Our ecommerce solution allows you to automatically consolidate all customer order information for quick and easy fulfillment. Print shipping labels right from the Jazva interface.

   Order Routing Automation

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small ecommerce business or a giant international company. With Jazva, your organization can take full advantage of multi-channel fulfillment and improve the efficiency of order processing. Ship products from multiple warehouses and automate order routes to the correct fulfillment center. Plus, our multi-channel inventory management solution lets you automatically send orders from any sales channel to FBA, saving massive amounts of time on a daily basis.

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