Efficient Multi-Channel Shipping Software

Streamline order fulfillment across your sales channels and let Jazva select the most optimal and cost-effective shipping methods for each of your parcels.

Shipping Management Made Easy

Robust Shipping Integrations

Get shipping rates in real time and streamline your pick, pack and ship operations.

Multi-Tier Support

Scale your retail and wholesale business with flexible multi-tier pricing and order management capabilities.

Order Prioritization

Batch orders in bulk and scan barcodes to get shipments out quickly and accurately.

Built for High-Volume Sellers

Make your job easier by streamlining and automating your entire operations.

  • Track and manage orders across all your sales channels from one central location.
  • Choose from a wide range of carriers and mail class options.
  • Print pick lists, packing slips and shipping labels directly from Jazva.
  • Manage multiple warehouses, FBA, MCF, SFP and other fulfillment options.

See What Shipping Automation Looks Like

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Accelerate Your Fulfillment Operations

Carrier-Rate Shopping

Jazva calculates the lowest rates in real time by automatically selecting the best carrier, mail class and box size for each parcel.

Amazon FBA & MCF Integration

Submit, track and cancel FBA and MCF orders, all within one platform.

Seller Fulfilled Prime Partner

As an approved SFP integrator, Jazva automatically identifies and expedites Prime orders within your shipping queue.

UPS Strategic Partner

Jazva works closely with your UPS sales and solutions representative.

Endicia Certified Partner

Our partnership lets you take advantage of Endicia’s discounted Commercial Plus pricing.

Generate Pick Lists & Packing Slips

Customize your batch priorities and generate easy-to-read pick lists and packing slips to maximize the efficiency of your warehouse team.

Wireless Label Printing

Jazva’s built-in wireless printing options make it easy for your warehouse team to print labels efficiently.

Split and Partial Shipments

Have total visibility of your packages when you ship portions of the order in staggered shipments and multiple addresses.

Mobile App for Shipping Management

Our iOS app makes it easy to process and ship orders from any warehouse.

Efficient eCommerce Shipping Software

Jazva brings you all of the essential shipping software features that your business may require to boost sales, improve customer loyalty, and at the same time simplify the process through powerful automation. From real-time shipping rates to ecommerce fulfillment tracking, Jazva got you covered.

Among all ecommerce solutions, Jazva is second to none when it comes to scaling and adapting to match your business needs perfectly. Build filters, create multiple user accounts and set up specified permissions and restrictions with advanced customization options.

Save Time and Sell More
  • Make use of the most advanced cloud-based ecommerce solution and utilize numerous shipping features available in Jazva. Create custom shipping rates, based on location, price and weight.
  • Forget about tedious manual importing of CSV files. Jazva lets you manage all your orders across every sales channel from the convenience of a single interface.
  • Jazva is a cloud-based solution, which means that it will work continuously at all times. And also that we will take care of all the software upkeep and IT maintenance.
Outsource with Multiple Dropshipping Solutions

You can always take order fulfillment off your own shoulders. Jazva lets you connect with your trusted dropshippers, leaving you free to focus on sales and other tasks.

Go Mobile

Very often an ecommerce business demands its owner’s constant attention. However, you cannot be at your computer at all times, but the work still needs to be done. Now, you can run your retail operations from anywhere in the world with Jazva’s mobile-friendly interface. View all orders and set up notifications, verify and track shipments and much more on your mobile device, or use the Jazva mobile app for easy order processing and shipping.

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