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About Jet Marketplace

Among all the marketplaces with high potential for large-scale sales operations, Jet might not be the largest one, but it made a notable impact. Today, Jet is one of the trendiest sales channels in the US and continues to attract millennials and tech-savvy shoppers. With Walmart’s acquisition, this channel has great potential to be a unique marketplace and community of its own.

About Jazva’s Jet Order Management Software

With all the tools available in Jazva, you will be able to track, manage and optimize your inventory and stay on top of your orders. Listings, inventory and shipping are all synced across all your channels and warehouses, and you can take advantage of our repricing tool. Jazva is the simplest answer to the question - how to sell on Jet effectively.

Why Go With Jazva’s Jet Listing Software

Jazva is an award-winning software recognized by FinancesOnline for its great user experience and ability to help sellers maximize efficiency through its powerful, centralized solution.

Robust Functionality

Jazva simplifies product management and syncs your inventory across all your channels and warehouses. Our stable, up-to-date Jet API lets you put your business on cruise control, so you can focus on sourcing new products and vendors.


Superior Scalability

Our Jet order management and repricing software delivers outstanding scalability, so you can grow your business across multiple sales channels without having to hire more people or causing any inventory problems.


Jazva saved us an estimate $20K per year by reducing errors in inventory tracking and order fulfillment

Managing Orders
Creating Labels
Finding the Best Rates
Analyzing Operational Data
Managing Returns
Analyzing Operational Data
Tracking Accounting Information

Make selling on Easy with Automation

Save 30% of time and money spent on these tasks by centralizing operations through Jazva.


Jazva’s Jet Inventory Management Software Features

multichannel listing

Listing Automation

Easily import, sync and list products on Sell more SKUs with kits, bundles and multi-variation products.


Real-Time Jet Inventory Tracking

Gain 360° real-time view of your Jet stock and scale your business with an ease.


Smart Order Management

Centralize orders and returns on Jet and prioritize the right orders for faster fulfillment and happier customers.

Jet listing tool

Jet Bulk Listing Tool

With Jazva you can optimize hundreds of products on Jet marketplace in a manner of minutes.

Jet Reporting Tool

Smart Analytics

Get actionable insights into your Jet channel performance and boost efficiency.


Multiple Accounts

Connect multiple accounts to your Jazva Interface and accelerate business growth.

Customer Success Story: AJP

AJP Distributors, Inc (AJDM) sells over 7,000 SKUs through online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Orders are fulfilled through its 20,000 square feet distribution warehouse and through dropshippers.

Challenge. AJDM wanted to automate its back end operations to handle the growing daily order volume of over 200 orders a day. This occurs especially during the peak months of Feb through May where they would receive 2-3 times more sales.

Solution. Using Jazva saved time, increased productivity and allowed the company to focus on expanding the business, rather than on manually handling order fulfillment and inventory management.


More orders processed


More Listings Managed


Overall Operational Savings

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