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  Jet Listing Automation

Easily import, sync and list products on Sell more SKUs with kits, bundles and multi-variation products.

  Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Gain full visibility of your stock across multiple channels and warehouses.

  Smart Order Management

Centralize orders and returns from all your channels and prioritize the right orders for faster fulfillment and happier customers.

Everything You Need to Run Your Jet Business

Make your job easier by streamlining and automating your entire operations.

  • Easily manage and optimize listings.
  • Beat competition and boost sales on Jet.
  • Sync inventory, orders, returns and refunds.
  • Manage multiple warehouses, Amazon MCF and other fulfillment options.
Jazva's robust functionalities grew our online sales by 300%. It also freed us to promote and manage things we previously didn't pay attention to.

Esbenshade's Garden Centers -Esbenshade's Garden Centers

Jazva saved us an estimated $20K per year by reducing errors in inventory tracking and order fulfillment.

Function & Form -Function & Form Autolife

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Boost Your Sales with Our Jet Listing Tool

Among all the marketplaces with high potential for large-scale sales operations, Jet might not be the largest one, but it made a long-term impact on the state of global ecommerce. Today, Jet is one of the largest online marketplaces in the US and continues to grow. This platform offers numerous possibilities for the establishment of new sales channels and expanding your business.

But in order to sell on Jet efficiently, you need the right strategy and tools. Despite not being the largest or most well-known platform, Jet is still an extremely competitive marketplace, with its own unique features such as Jet’s smart basket technology, which appeals to many price-conscious millennials.

How Big Are the Opportunities Here?

Jet is playing the big game and so should you if you are planning to succeed in ecommerce. That’s why we’ve developed an advanced all-round ecommerce solution: Jazva. Our software allows you to integrate your listings on multiple marketplaces in virtually no time and with minimal effort.

Jet plans to achieve $20 billion in GMV by 2020, and this offers big opportunities for sellers. With its new business model, Jet averages 1.5 units per order, while Amazon averages 1.1. On a dollar basis, the average cart value and average profit per order can be said to be higher.

With all the tools available in Jazva, you will be able to track, manage and optimize your inventory and stay on top of your orders. Listings, inventory and shipping are all synced across all your channels and warehouses. Jazva is the simplest answer to the question - how to sell on Jet effectively.

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