Marketplace Integrations

Save time and sell smarter with Jazva's unified marketplace management system.


Save time and sell smarter with Jazva’s unified marketplace management system.


Conquer the largest online marketplace with over 300 million users worldwide by implementing the Jazva ecommerce integration tool.


Process eBay orders, track inventory and upload listings seamlessly. Make ecommerce on eBay a breeze.

WalmartWalmart Marketplace

Forget about burdensome manual inventory updates. Managing your listings and orders has never been that easy.


Leverage the power of marketplace listing software to boost your Overstock sales and facilitate your operations on the marketplace.


Take advantage of our Houzz inventory management software to list your products on this fast-growing marketplace and online community. Reach a targeted audience of homeowners and remodeling professionals interested in furniture, interior design and home improvement.

Jazva is your go-to software solution for multi-channel retail

Selling on several marketplaces is quite a challenge, with each channel having its specific requirements and peculiarities. However, the more you hesitate expanding your businesses, the more missed sales opportunities you will experience. Jazva’s marketplace integration software is the ultimate answer to many challenges associated with multi-channel ecommerce, giving you all the capabilities you require.

What we offer you is far more than just marketplace listing software. Jazva allows multi-channel retailers to streamline their operations and provides them with an all-round ecommerce management tool to boost sales by automating a number of routine tasks:

  • Upload new listings simultaneously to all channels and manage SKUs from a single place.
  • Automate inventory updates across your warehouses to prevent understocking, so you never lose a sale or customer.
  • Ensure faster deliveries using multi-channel order processing tools to drive customer satisfaction, secure positive reviews and get more return customers.

With Jazva’s multi-channel automation software, what your customers see is a unified buying experience on every marketplace. And what you get is a seamlessly operating integrated marketplace, letting you focus on what’s really important for your business – selling.

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