AJP Boosts Order Processing By 50% with Jazva's Full Back-End Automation

California, USA
Automotive Accessories
Retailer of auto performance parts and accessories.


AJP Distributors, Inc (AJDM) sells aftermarket auto performance parts and accessories such as steering wheels, lighting replacements and other fashionable parts. The company sells over 7,000 SKUs through online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Orders are fulfilled through its 20,000 square feet distribution warehouse and through dropshippers. AJDM has been in the high performance and lighting business for nearly a decade, and the owner was in a similar business prior to founding the company. For this 22-person company, sales growth remains its top priority.

The Challenge

AJDM was using a free software provided by eBay to publish listings and compile orders, but that software was being discontinued. AJDM needed to find a replacement soon. The company had some automation to list products, but all of its back-end operations, including order fulfillment and inventory management were handled manually through spreadsheets.

While searching for a replacement product listing software, AJDM decided it was time to automate its back-end operations to handle the growing daily order volume. The company was processing over 200 orders a day with 2-3 times more sales during the peak months of Feb through May.

The automotive parts retailer needed a more scalable solution that would replace its time-consuming manual processes with an integrated, cross-functional software that automates the order and inventory management process. They evaluated software based on cost versus functionality. They considered a number of software providers, such as Channel Advisor, SkuVault, and Six-bit (an eBay software spin-off), but these solution providers were either too expensive or didn’t have the complete suite of functionalities they needed.

How Jazva Helped

The team at AJDM heard about Jazva through UPS, who recommended Jazva as a best-in-class commerce solution. The team found Jazva to be extremely customizable, yet ready-to-go and cost-effective. Jazva provided a complete solution that can handle product listings, order and inventory management. AJDM signed with Jazva in 2013 and the company found in Jazva a collaborative partner that was willing to develop new functionalities that addressed its many business scenarios. With a significant amount of custom development involved in the launch, the rollout took about one year. “Development took time but the staff was very helpful and collaborated well,” says Dung Huynh, General Manager of AJDM.

Jazva's inventory automation gave us real-time visibility of all our stock and sales channels.

In addition to saving tremendous time by using Jazva's listing import and category mapping functionalities, Jazva’s inventory automation gave AJDM real-time visibility of all their stock quantities and sales channels, which has proven to be indispensable in running the business. Jazva's ability to handle grandfathered listings and incorporate them into AJDM's sales history was also very important to the business.

The Results

For AJDM, using Jazva provided full back-end automation that resulted in 50% more orders processed with the same number of employees. With a software that integrated product listings, inventory management and warehouse management, the company now has far fewer shipping errors and has lowered its mis-ship rate from 5-7% to less than 1%. The software provided a more efficient workflow, and the company no longer has to batch print and create labels for every item beforehand. Equipped with a single packing slip, AJDM's pick, pack and ship process has become seamless, efficient and more accurate.

Using Jazva for back-end automation resulted in 50% more orders processed and dropped mis-ship rate to less than 1%.

Using Jazva saved time, increased productivity and allowed the company to focus on expanding the business. ADJM is now considering expanding into the wholesale drop shipping business, adding more warehouses, and continuing to broaden its product line.

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