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Function & Form Reduces Shipping Errors and Boosts Sales with Jazva


Function & Form Autolife Inc sells auto performance products such as suspension parts, springs and other goods. Products are sold through the company website, its dealer network, and eBay. The company strives to create suspension products for many of the world’s most popular and exciting automobiles that are both high performance and stylish in their product design.

Losing Sales From Manual Inventory and Shipping Processing Errors

Function & Form was losing a lot of revenue due to errors from manual shipping and inventory management that resulted in shipping wrong products or missing parts of orders. The company would use Quickbooks to record orders and handle invoices, and Excel spreadsheets to manage inventory. Because they were using multiple softwares, they encountered a lot of inconsistencies and didn’t have integration between order and inventory management. To stem the loss of revenue, the company needed something that would manage both components in one system.

How Jazva Helped

Not only did Javza allow the Function & Form team to organize and track both shipping and inventory, but Javza also provided the “front end” of the company’s website -- making the entire process more seamless for the team. “Having Jazva provide us with a webstore (storefront) that is fully integrated with the backend operations was a plus. It replaced our 3D cart service, Quickbooks, and added inventory management,” says Preston Dawson, VP of Operations, Function & Form Autolife. “It was a 3-in-1 solution for us.” “Now, we rely on Jazva to manage our daily operations, including sales reports, core operational automation like order input, inventory tracking, automatically generated purchase orders, and Jazva’s scan and ship feature, which ensures accuracy.”.

Jazva replaced our 3D cart service, Quickbooks, and added inventory management. It is a 3-in-1 solution for us.

The Results

With all three components - webstore, inventory, and accounting - integrated into one system, the team now experiences far fewer shipping and inventory errors, and that means a lot of money saved. The team estimates savings of about $20,000 per year from reducing errors in order fulfillment, and about $3,000-$5,000 from avoiding mis-shipping packages. With the order fulfillment logistics automated, there were fewer manual tasks employees needed to do. Now, it takes less time to train to get employees up to speed -- another huge cost savings. What’s more, Jazva provided guidance on various ways to use the software to improve their business, helping them find new ways to optimize their daily operations. In addition, the team now has plans to expand. The increased efficiency and convenience have given the team the confidence they need to broaden and diversify their product lines, add variations to products and sell products from other vendors -- efforts that will continue to increase revenue for Function & Form.

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