Windy Nation

Windy Nation's Order Fulfillment Quadrupled Using Jazva

California, USA
Wind and Solar Power
Manufacturer and multichannel retailer of components for small wind and solar generators for the do-it-yourself market.


Windy Nation manufactures components for small wind and solar generators, mainly for the do-it-yourself (DIY) market. This 10-person company sells wind turbines and solar panel devices for recreational vehicles (RVs), sailboats, cell towers, and other locations not already connected to the utility grid. Windy Nation provides complete ready-to-go kits that customers can use to install solar packages on their own. The company aims to give people the ability to reduce fossil fuel consumption and fight global warming.

Failing to Keep Up with Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment

Windy Nation was growing quickly and order fulfillment became a challenge. The company was selling its products on its own website, in addition to eBay, Amazon and several RV dealerships — but the process of adapting to each platform’s requirements for fulfillment and shipment was not sustainable. Windy Nation was using the inventory management resources offered by the individual platform, but it was time-consuming to keep up with each one. Still, without the ability to successfully manage each platform, Windy Nation would not be able to grow. To hire extra people was too costly — yet sales would suffer if they didn’t come up with a solution.

How Jazva Helped

The team at Windy Nation heard about Jazva through UPS, who recommended Jazva as a best-in-class solution for tracking inventory and order fulfillment. The team had checked out other software options, but in the end liked Jazva best. Plus, Jazva was set to launch kitting and bundling features around that time. These features were exactly what Windy Nation needed for their business operations. The company started using Jazva in late 2013. The rollout was in stages to minimize any disruptions to the business with the website going live first, then the marketplace integrations with eBay and Amazon. The system became a viable, helpful solution for inventory management and order fulfillment almost immediately. There was a slight learning curve, but all their questions were handled quickly. “The team was responsive and provided guidance to get up to speed on the features that we needed for various sales channels,” says Josh Antelman, CEO of Windy Nation.

Using Jazva resulted in 4x faster order fulfillment and we can drop retail prices which helped increase sales.

The Results

For Windy Nation, using Jazva resulted in four-fold increase in the speed of order fulfillment, which included invoices, package slips, shipping labels, warehouse pick and pack, etc. This not only helped profits, but with lowered costs, Windy Nation could lower their retail prices, further increasing sales. What’s more, the streamlined inventory and shipping process helped to boost customer satisfaction, and positive comments started coming in on the company forum about faster shipping.

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