Inventory Management

Real-Time Automated Stock Updates Across Channels

Jazva's enterprise-level inventory management solutions gives you complete visibility and control of your stock levels across your channels. Stock quantities are automatically updated with every sale to help reduce the chance of overselling or underselling, keeping both you and your customers happy.

Intelligent and Customizable Storage Locations (Aisle/Shelf/Bin)

Jazva’s location management solutions allow you to easily set up and label aisles, shelves and bins. Our customizable prioritization feature makes it easy for you to maximize the efficiency of your warehouse teams.

In-Bound Stock Processing

Easily receive shipments and count new stock accurately with barcode scanning, including carton barcodes. Jazva automatically suggests the best warehouse locations for your inventory, so that you can optimize your warehouse space and bin locations.

Native iOS App for Inventory Management

Our mobile app makes it easy to search, manage and track inventory from any warehouse.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Jazva can manage inventory across multiple warehouses and even select the best warehouse to ship and order from. Your stock quantities can also be divided into different pools of inventory or locations. Assign orders and purchase orders to individual warehouses, and set your sales channel to sync stock quantity based on total stock or a single warehouse's stock quantity.

FBA Transfer Shipments

Transfer stock to Amazon directly from Jazva and maintain optimal inventory levels. Track your Amazon inventory and auto-adjust your own warehouse inventory.

Inventory Forecasting & Replenishment

Quickly generate purchase orders with suggested items for reordering based on sales performance history and projections. Jazva’s predictive analytics engine calculates each item’s projections daily and can automatically schedule purchase orders for you.