Products & Listings

Multi-channel Management

Jazva is fully integrated with the leading marketplaces, shopping carts and point-of-sales solutions, giving you complete visibility and control of your ecommerce business. Manage all your channels form a single platform!

Automatic Channel Syncing

Jazva eliminates the need to manually update your channels. Whenever you make a change to a product description or update the price, Jazva automatically updates all of your listings. If you add a new product directly into a channel, Jazva will recognize that product and automatically set it up for you.

Bulk Listing & Editing

When you have thousands of products across multiple marketplaces, you need powerful bulk listing and editing tools. Jazva’s bulk editing features enable you to update as many products as you’d like at a single time. Change categories, update pricing and images, or schedule future actions such as temporary sales pricing and deactivating seasonal merchandise.

Kits & Bundles

Create a group of products to be sold together as a single SKU. When a bundle is ordered, inventory is automatically deducted for each SKU that makes up the bundle. Jazva’s kitting, bundling and virtual products are highly intuitive, flexible and customizable to accommodate any of your business needs.

Shadow Listings

Assign multiple product profiles to a single product SKU, providing listing flexibility while ensuring inventory is in sync and accurate.

Smart Amazon Repricer

Our built-in automated repricing tool makes it easy for you to stay competitive on price without manually checking and updating. Jazva’s dynamic repricer scans marketplaces for your competitors’ prices on the same products and automatically adjusts your product pricing based on your threshold rules and sales projections.

eBay Motors Auto Parts Compatibility

Jazva’s integration with eBay Motors lets you classify your auto parts products based on vehicle compatibility. Creating reusable product categories saves you lots of time and gives you a boost in search results and listing performance score by making it easier for customers to find your parts.