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MagentoPowerful Automation for Magento Stores

  Magento Listing Control

Easily import, sync and list your products on Magento. Sell more SKUs with kits, bundles, multi-variation and shadow listings.

  Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Automatically sync inventory availability across your Magento store and other channels.

  Smart Order Management

Centralize orders and returns from all your channels and prioritize the right orders for faster fulfillment and happier customers.

Everything You Need to Run Your Multi-Channel Business

Make your job easier by streamlining and automating your entire operations.

  • Easily manage and optimize listings.
  • Beat competition and boost sales on Magento.
  • Sync inventory, orders, returns and refunds.
  • Manage multiple warehouses, Amazon MCF and other fulfillment options.
Jazva's robust functionalities grew our online sales by 300%. It also freed us to promote and manage things we previously didn't pay attention to.

Esbenshade's Garden Centers -Esbenshade's Garden Centers

Jazva saved us an estimated $20K per year by reducing errors in inventory tracking and order fulfillment.

Function & Form -Function & Form Autolife

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Unlock Your Full Selling Potential on Magento

Does your business sell as much as you want? Well, with Jazva it can. List, manage and optimize all of your products with the Magento inventory management software from Jazva. With our agile ecommerce solution, you will get every feature necessary to succeed across multiple marketplaces and scale your business to new heights.

Jazva is a cloud-based ecommerce solution that provides tools to streamline your operational processes and focus on what is really important – making customers happy and earning their repeat business.

   Powerful Analytics Tools

With Jazva, your business can get metrics that will be a foundation upon which you will grow your business. Jazva provides insight reports that give you profound customer data, enabling you to target your audience more effectively.

   Flexibility and Scalability

Jazva is designed to assist online sellers to realize their full revenue potential, allowing quick and efficient upgrading and customization of your multi-channel ecommerce capabilities. Grow your sales and expand your business reach with Jazva.

   Manage Product Information

Jazva’s Magento Listing Software provides real-time transparency and a clear view of your business operation.

   Cloud Model

Being a cloud-based solution, Jazva enables you to spend virtually zero time on managing IT infrastructure. Leave the updates and maintenance to us, and feel free to move forward with the speed that the retail industry requires.

   Magento Shipping Management

Jazva can be easily integrated with every service, from advanced shipping platforms to outsourced fulfillment, allowing you to quickly adapt and meet customers‘ requirements.

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