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Optimizing Sales: Jazva's New eBay Repricing Tool

Pasadena, CA - Feb 16, 2017 - Jazva Inc, a leading provider of cloud-based ecommerce solutions that help multi-channel retailers optimize their operations and accelerate sales, announced today the release of its built-in eBay repricer.

The new eBay repricer enables sellers to automatically adjust the price of their products based on competitor pricing for the same product. Jazva’s smart and dynamic repricing solution will empower eBay sellers to be competitive in the crowded marketplace.

Jazva’s repricer offers great flexibility. Users can use a query-based approach to repricing, which uses keywords to find the top 100 listings that best match the product, based on pricing and shipping charges. Alternatively, users can apply a listings-based strategy, which reprices only against specific listings. Jazva’s dynamic repricer will comb through the selected listings, checking against latest prices, availability and shipping charges, and reprice the seller’s products accordingly.

“As a built-in solution, multi-channel sellers will no longer have to monitor competitor prices manually on eBay,” said Itso Ivanov, Jazva’s VP of Engineering. “Users can easily manage their pricing from one central location and automate their repricing strategies based on preset rules.”

What’s more, Jazva will gather important data, such as repricing history, sales history and marketplace analysis, to further improve the seller’s strategies. The feature is currently in beta.

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