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  • Maximize Efficiency

    With Jazva’s full suite of features, you can easily scale and accelerate your business on multiple channels.

  • All Your Data in One Platform

    Gain valuable insights on your products, inventory and finances by using our robust reporting tools.

  • Advanced Forecasting

    Take advantage of stock projections, so you can stop worrying about backorders.

  • Excellent Order Fulfillment

    Save time and money on shipping and fulfillment with Jazva's powerful automation features.

How Is BrightPearl Different from Jazva?

Brightpearl Inventory Management

Brightpearl significantly lacks some core features and channel integrations. For example, the ecommerce system doesn’t support multi-channel listing or an integrated cart for its users.

Brightpearl B2B Capabilities

More and more businesses are turning to B2B ecommerce, but Brightpearl doesn't have any features such as tiered pricing or wholesale portals. They also lack many marketplace integrations.

Brightpearl Usability

Brightpearl reviews vary from customer to customer. One of the major complaints was slow performance, poor reporting and analytics features. Reviewers have also complained about their sales tax calculations.

  Jazva Inventory Management

When it comes to functionality and usability, not many listing tools can compete with Jazva. Our software gives you all the essential features to run an ecommerce business. Take advantage of our listing capabilities, integrated shipping, and multi-warehouse functionalities.

  Jazva B2B Capabilities

We built Jazva to meet all the critical needs of both B2C and B2C ecommerce companies. With features such as a wholesale portal and customer tiered pricing, you can run a proper online wholesale business and provide your customers with a great user experience.

  Jazva Usability

Jazva is an award-winning solution recognized by FinancesOnline for its great user experience. Through one platform, sellers can manage listings, inventory, and shipping across multiple channels and warehouses.

Jazva's robust functionalities grew our online sales by 300%. It also freed us to promote and manage things we previously didn't pay attention to.

Esbenshade's Garden Centers -Esbenshade's Garden Centers

Jazva saved us an estimated $20K per year by reducing errors in inventory tracking and order fulfillment.

Function & Form -Function & Form Autolife

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