Product Import Software Feature

Simplify your work with easy-to-access channels, vendors and carriers, all from a single platform.

Multi-Channel Product Import Tool

Our marketplaces, web stores and shopping carts that support this feature.

Automate product data management with Jazva’s product import software

With the product import tool of Jazva’s multi-channel selling platform, you’ll never have to manage data manually ever again. Import all listings at once from your suppliers and upload them to your web store and marketplaces in a breath.

Key benefits of using Jazva’s product import tool for multi-channel retail

  • Upload listings from all your suppliers effortlessly and start selling without delays.
  • Import inventory data in bulk simultaneously to all the marketplaces you sell on.
  • Sync all product data automatically, including types, pricing, images and a wide variety of custom fields.
  • Schedule your imports to always provide your customers with up-to-date stock information.
  • Use a wide range of supported data formats, including CSV, PSV, TSV, and XLS.

This indispensable tool saves multi-channel retailers a great deal of manual work and the trouble of dealing with input errors. To simplify inventory management for you, Jazva arms you with the necessary software to manage product listings efficiently and in no time, letting you focus on other critical tasks.

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