Create & Update Listings

Simplify your work with easy-to-access channels, vendors and carriers, all from a single platform.

Create & Update Listings

Our marketplaces, web stores and shopping carts that support this feature.

Jazva makes listings creation and updating easy as one, two, three

As you sell more and your product range gets bigger, you might need more advanced and efficient tools to keep your web store up to date. Jazva’s all-in-one multi-channel management platform provides you with the right instruments to create and modify listings in bulk and separately on the shopping cart of your choice, as well as on eBay, Amazon, and other popular marketplaces.

Why use Jazva’s online product listing software?

  • Launch new products on all channels in just a few clicks and start getting ROI fast.
  • Use listings templates customized to the specifics of the major marketplaces.
  • Edit product details, including descriptions, images, pricing information and even custom fields, either individually or in bulk.

Jazva helps online merchants sync product data across all marketplaces they use and at the same time make individual adjustments based on the requirements of a specific channel, thus providing consistent purchasing experience for their customers. Create and bulk update your eBay, Amazon or other channels’ listings seamlessly with Jazva’s multi-channel listing management software!

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