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Update Prices

Our marketplaces, web stores and shopping carts that support the pricing management feature.

Facilitate price updates with Jazva’s pricing management software tool

Synchronizing prices across all marketplaces manually takes quite a lot of time, and besides, slips and errors are possible simply due to the human factor. Inconsistent policies lead to client dissatisfaction and lost revenues. Online retailers who use Jazva’s multi-channel ecommerce platform can avoid such pitfalls by taking advantage of the pricing sync tool of the software.

Advantages of Jazva’s pricing update software tool

  • Adopt a comprehensive and centralized pricing policy across all marketplaces you use and your web store.
  • Identify margin leakages in specific products and update prices accordingly.
  • Introduce discounts and seasonal sales effortlessly.
  • Quickly react to changes in competitors’ policies and modify your pricing strategy in just a few clicks.

With Jazva, you have the necessary tools to develop an optimal pricing strategy for all your sales touchpoints, making updates and syncing quick and easy to handle. As a result, you have a highly flexible, consistent and error-free policy, helping you boost revenues and get ahead of the competition. Optimize pricing management of your ecommerce business with our software solution!

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