Inventory Sync - Integrations

Simplify your work with easy-to-access channels, vendors and carriers, all from a single platform.

Inventory Synchronization

Our marketplaces, web stores and shopping carts that support the inventory synchronization feature.

Optimize multi-channel inventory management with Jazva’s software

Keeping track of stock levels is a difficult task when you have several sales channels and warehouses. Jazva’s multi-channel ecommerce system is the ultimate solution to this challenge, as it helps synchronize inventory automatically across your facilities in real time.

Take full advantage of Jazva’s inventory sync feature!

  • Get a complete view of your inventory by consolidating the data from all your marketplaces, sales channels, and external fulfillment partners.
  • Cut down on backorders by using Jazva’s smart forecasting and projections engine.
  • Update stock levels instantly when orders are cancelled or refunded.
  • Use data analytics and reports to adjust stock levels across your warehouses and physical locations.

Jazva allows all members of your team to have real-time information on stock levels, which enables you to make intelligent procurement decisions, as well as ensure a more pleasurable, satisfying experience for the customer.

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